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How our service works

After you contact us and we have an initial discussion we carry out a site visit to check you requirements. If your installation is conventional, we can sometimes fix existing equipment or install at this stage, which means that often, we can offer a same day service. If your survey is more involved, we may need to procure specific equipment to ensure your Wi-Fi is perfect everywhere you want it. This will be done in a matter of days, our aim is to get the best possible coverage for you.
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Out of the box Vs Tailor Made
Sometimes its not actually rocket science. An out of the box solution will work for some customers. Other customers come to us after trying and exhausting other avenues and we need to find solutions that are more complex. We will fix your problem as quickly as possible but we concentrate on getting it right rather than a “quick fix”.

Wi-Fi was first released on the 21st of September 1997 and had a maximum through put 2 Mbps. We are currently on the 8th version (Wi-Fi 6E), which has a maximum through put of 9608 Mbps. Wi-Fi 7 is due out in 2024. Should you use the latest Wi-Fi system? The simple truth is that not all devices will work with it and you may be better opting for a slightly older version. An example is only 2 out of hundreds of MacBook Pro models and 2 iPad Pro’s will work with Wi-Fi 6E. We constantly stay up to date with the latest technologies and make sure we can offer you the very best solution available.

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