21st Century Security

with the confidense of Backup


Enterprise grade back-up for your business - whatever the size


Blue Box Computer Services offers cloud back-up and recovery solutions for users that are simple to install, safe and secure.


We partner a number of online back-up providers, enabling us to offer the solution that's right for you.


We're able to back-up PCs, Macs, servers, databases, virtual servers, iPhones, iPads and Android devices.


Whether you are a small or medium sized business, we have the perfect solution to secure your documents, customer information, pictures and videos.


If you need your data backed-up and stored in UK based data centres (a requirement for UK legal practices), we can arrange that.


If you need multiple versions of work to be backed-up, to ensure you never accidentally delete something, we can do that. If you need bank-level encryption to secure your back-up, we can do that too.


When you own a business, your business and personal files often merge; you write proposals on your mobile device and store photographs on your office PC.


However, consumer file-sharing services don't offer one hundred per cent recovery on data more than ten years old, and online business back-up services don't make it easy to share playlists.



Blue Box now offers a solution: enterprise level business back-up, with secure easy-to-use file sharing at a price even the smallest home office can afford, but good enough for large corporate organisations.


Back up your entire office and personal files

With cloud back-up, you can access any file, from any device, anywhere and anytime. Security is bank grade and bandwidth usage is minimised. Any file changes are backed-up automatically, including many small business applications such as QuickBooks.


Unlike other services that back-up once or twice a day, the KinetisD cloud options continuously and automatically protects your home office, so no matter what happens, you never lose more than a few minutes of work.


Furthermore, if you would like to schedule your back-ups, we can provide that added benefit with OnlineIT.

Versioning protects all your work

Have you ever accidentally copied over an important file? Or changed your mind and needed to recover work you'd previously deleted? That problem becomes a thing of the past as our system continuously and automatically stores the latest versions of your documents. It's now possible to recover up to 32 versions of any file with just a few clicks.