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We have been building networks of computers since the mid 1990s. In that time a lot has changed. There was no Broadband then – if you wanted more than the standard 56 kbps modem, you could get an ISDN2 line installed which would give you a measly 128 kbps. Today Virgin’s service offers speeds more than 1000 times faster – imagine if the automotive industry had changed as much!


Today networking technology is key to everyday life, not just business. We all take for granted the fact that we can order our shopping online and have it delivered when it’s convenient.


Gone are the days when you would have to queue at the bank to write a counter cheque to withdraw your money – now we can just log in to our bank accounts – whenever, wherever.


Normally a company’s network goes through organic growth as a business expands. It starts with a PC or two, a couple of mobile phones, a printer and a router. Over the next couple of years, the equipment is likely to double, along with the need for network storage.


The result is that the network is unplanned and not as efficient as it could be.


Blue Box can design and install your network with the future in mind, planning for managed expansion.


Leave the data flow to us. We will ensure that all your devices: computers, mobile phones, tablets, printers, TVs and storage devices all talk to each other – and the internet – as they should.

Wired or Wireless?

Hardwired networking is still the most reliable way to transport data. If you are setting up an office or relocating, contact us to plan the best possible layout of the office, junction points, patch panels, wall and floor sockets.


We can liaise directly with your electricians or provide the expertise.


Wireless perfection


Wireless networking is taken for granted today; for example, good Wi-Fi is expected if you have a business in hospitality or leisure. In most parts of the UK we are able to get up to 1 Gigabit (1000 Mbps) internet but this is entirely dependent on your router. How you get this strength throughout your property is the bit Blue Box can help with; we can ensure that your home or business does not suffer from frustrating ‘black spots’.


Blue Box can design your network from scratch or add to your existing setup. We offer a free survey and can easily extend, increase and improve your Wi-Fi service.


There are wireless access points (WAP), range extenders, boosters and repeaters to name a few of the pieces of equipment you can use to enhance your network. The question is which ones do you use. New equipment is coming to market all the time and our current favourites are Ubiquiti Networks, closely followed by Cisco Systems.

There are many options that are open to us. We can set up access points in areas that have inconsistent or no wireless signal, and if you have a home or business with several areas like this we can set up a mesh. The traditional network consists of a series of linked devices talking to each other and if one link in the chain fails then the whole system fails. A mesh has one device talking with many to access the fastest route to the internet, and if one device fails it automatically takes a different route to keep the system working. This video has more information:


We also have weatherproof access points for your outdoor Wi-Fi.


Contact us now and we will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your needs.

We are committed to being at the forefront of our field. Our experience combined with our diverse customer base has resulted in us developing unique solutions to overcome difficulties.


Thinking outside the (blue) box.


So even if you have a problem that has stumped others, Blue Box might just be able to work its magic for you.

And we also have a few tricks up our sleeve.